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Hi there! I'm Sarah and I'm a New England gal currently living in the beautiful state of Colorado where my need to climb peaks is extensively satisfied by the majestic Rocky Mountains. I've always been mesmerized by the outdoors and how easily they soothe and calm my soul.  Never have I needed the mountains more in my life than I do right now as my husband and I are currently struggling with fertility: a devastating disease that has completely rocked our lives. We have undergone several treatments, including our first round of  in-vitro fertilization (IVF) this past March which was successful - our baby boy is due in November.

I decided to join the blogging world to share my fertility story with others and to spark awareness on a disease that so often gets overlooked (at least I don't have cancer, right?). So here I am - sharing my story (it is a happy story, I swear, even though we currently are still living child-free) and helping raise infertility awareness all while I climb some of the most beautiful peaks around the world! So stay tuned every week for my hiking stories and fertility updates. If you or someone you know is struggling with fertility (or simply loves looking at pretty hiking photos), share my blog. Or better yet, DONATE to RESOLVE (the national infertility organization) and help spread infertility awareness! Cheers and see you on the trail!!

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My personal fertility journey in a nutshell and why it helps me heal to spread awareness


View photos of my hiking adventures from around the world (but mostly Colorado)!

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