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11717493_10102473575576566_8439838670005991554_oIf you are anything like me, sharing your experience with infertility aids in the healing of it - it's why I started this blog. I am interested to hear from other couples (or individuals for that matter) who are struggling with fertility - ones that are just starting their journey, maybe going through their first round of IVF, experiencing secondary infertility, anything really.  With your permission (of course), I would love to share these stories on my blog to continue to create more awareness and show that you are not alone in this devastating and difficult time in your life. We need to break the stigma involved with infertility and realize that so many couples experience it. Email me your personal story about struggling with fertility at and with your permission, I would love to share your story on my blog! Or if you just need someone to vent to and not sure who you can turn to, I'm always here!

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