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Hi there! I'm Sarah and I'm a New England gal currently living in the beautiful state of Colorado where my need to climb peaks is extensively satisfied by the majestic Rocky Mountains. I've always been mesmerized by the outdoors and how easily they soothe and calm my soul.  I've been hiking since before I could walk thanks to my mother sharing her passion for the outdoors with me. 

My love of the woods grew year after year - from catching salamanders in the swamp by the house with my brother to hiking up the tallest mountain in Massachusetts and eventually seeking an environmental college degree. So with my Bachelor of Science degree in forestry and Master of Science degree in soil science under my belt, I marched off into the workforce to change the face of environmental science.  After several temporary jobs in several locations (including 2 different countries), my husband and I landed in Colorado where we're both lucky enough to have great jobs in our field of work.

I originally decided to join the blogging world back in February of 2016 to share my struggle with fertility and spark awareness on a disease that so often gets overlooked (you can read about the struggle through many of my blogs posts here). But with the recent birth of our beautiful, healthy baby boy (an in-vitro fertilization success!) I'm now focusing this blog on the outdoors, the trails I walk, the badass women I hike with, and the happiness of presenting the outdoor world to my new son.

Follow Along!

My husband and I have had a lot of adventures together (see my blog posts on Part 1 and Part 2 of the recent trek around Mont Blanc and photo library here) and we hope to continue our "walking holiday" tradition with our new son (more to come on that later!). Meanwhile, I'll still be hiking and backpacking and kicking ass both on and off the trails. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram or bookmark my blog here as I post new entries every week!

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If you want to be featured on my Instagram and/or on the Facebook group for Mountain Chicks Colorado, make sure to use the hashtag #mtnchickscolorado.  

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